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Camel Wallpapers

This ship of the desert will be interesting for many people. It is not only the symbol of the persistence but also and the symbol of the commerce. The camels are able to pass the way in such parched areas where no any animal can tolerate.

Lion Wallpapers

From the childhood everybody knows that the lion is the king of the animals. Spreading and backing of this conviction were helping beliefs and myths of the people in Africa, where he is the symbol of the authority, greatness, supernal power, force.

Elephant Wallpapers

Everybody knows that the elephant is the biggest animal, walks on the Earth. Their habitation is South – East Asia and Africa. The elephants are big, but also they are smart. Every elephant has the musician hearing and musical memory.

Tiger Wallpapers

From the first sight you can not tell that this big animal, intrinsically just a cat. The word is taken from ancient Persian language and translates as «acute, quick».

Shingle Beach Wallpapers

The shingle beach consists of pebble, little well - rounded or flat-stones, which are rounded because of sea, wind and sun. The main plus of such types of beaches is the quality of the water, it is clean and clear.

Sandy beach Wallpapers

Sometimes you want the vacation so much but the work week just started. And the beach of some resort town beckons you. Because, as well known, the sandy beaches are the favorite resting places for most people.

Offroad cars Wallpapers

These cars have high passability. Sometimes they called crossovers (from English “crossover”, literally means “transitional type”), but these are different concepts. The real off –road vehicle is all – wheel drive car, his front and back wheels are both central.

Audi Wallpapers

German brand of auto has the quality standards of Germany. The best cars are not only the new ones. The brand took the first place in the competition among the used cars (2012 year).

Mercedes Wallpapers

Automobiles of Mercedes brand are popular in the whole world. The brand is one of the best in the world, and also it is characterized one of the best productiveness. Placing the wallpapers for the desktop with Mercedes brand you will not just change the image on your desktop but also show a part of your soul in this way.

Trucks Wallpapers

Trucks are the cars for the transportation of cargo. They are variation according to their sizes from the small tonnage (similar with passenger cars, cargo capacity to 1 ton) till the bigger tonnage capable to carry more than 16 tons.

Pages: 12