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Cars Wallpapers

The first such car was created in 1876. Since that time the design were significantly changed and the structure, the design, the technical equipment is still changing.

Range Rover Wallpapers

Range Rover is not only the off road car, but it is also the off-road car by class “Lux”. That’s why have them as wallpapers on the desktop it is meaning to join the fashion world for a bit.

Ferrari Wallpapers

The first association with the word «Ferrari» is «speed». Because really, the cars of this brand are the sport autos, which are always the participants of Formula - 1.

Diablo Wallpapers

The computer game are played by millions of people in the whole world. Its maker is the firm «Condor», which belongs to the company Blizzard Entertainment. The first edition of the game was at the end of 1996. Diablo belongs to the genre Action/RPG.

FIFA Wallpapers

No, in this section we will not talk about the international sport organization, but about something interesting to mostly people. Because the series games FIFA attracts not only the fans of the football but also gamers from all over the world.

Halo Wallpapers

The special place in the game world has the series Halo. It is the best of those which were released on Xbox. The number of sold copies in the whole world are near 50 millions pieces. The creator of the game is Microsoft Game Studios.

Lineage Wallpapers

Online role game is taking place in multiplayer mode. It has become the symbol of all computer games such as MMORPG for the most of people. The word «line» become the common name.

Pro Evolution Soccer Wallpapers

FIFA competitor in the video games market. Developer and owner of the all rights is the company Konami (KCET). The game has another name - Winning Eleven in Japan and America.

World of Tanks Wallpapers

The whole world knows about this online game. It is strange but it is not designed in the super expensive European or American companies, and the studio Wargaming. net, located in Belorussia.

World of Warcraft Wallpapers

World of Warcraft is the multiplayer online game with more than 100 millions users. It is the most popular MMORPG on the whole world (Guinness World Records). All the right of it are owned by Blizzard Entertainment company, which is the developer.

Pages: 12