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Camel Wallpapers

This ship of the desert will be interesting for many people. It is not only the symbol of the persistence but also and the symbol of the commerce. The camels are able to pass the way in such parched areas where no any animal can tolerate.

This helps of many adaptations of their organisms. For example, they have callosities on their legs, which are letting them to tread on the hot sand. Humps of the body fat which make the camels well cognizable protect them from the sun and make heat loss more effective. Due to the peculiarities of their stomach, the animals eat seems by not the suitable plants: haloxylon, wormwood, potpourri and camel’s thorn. The camels are able also drink salt water. The most interesting fact is that the camel can stay without water during two weeks and without food during one month, without losing the functionality and survivability.

In the selection of the wallpapers there are photos of different camels: two – humped (Bactrians) and one – humped (Dromedaries). These species are able to make hybrids named “nar”, but it is viable only in the first generation.

Even the camel is not the heraldic animal, but any way he is on the coat of arms of Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk region and Eritrea. Besides, the dromedary is the symbol of the programming language Perl.

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