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Elephant Wallpapers

Everybody knows that the elephant is the biggest animal, walks on the Earth. Their habitation is South – East Asia and Africa.

The elephants are big, but also they are smart. Every elephant has the musician hearing and musical memory. He is able to distinguish the melody, which consists of three notes. Despite the fact that they differentiate the sounds of the violin, bass and horn, the melodies played on the flute are their favorite ones. Hearing the melody several times elephants remembering it for the rest of the life.

About the mind of animals indicate that fact that they use the branches as the fly swatters and also (according to the words of some scientists) they can paint.

The elephants can recognize themselves into the mirrors; it is means they have self – awareness. Also, the scientist alleges that elephants are able to feel emotions.

Because of the people passion to the elephant’s tusks, he was entry to Red Data Book.

The elephant is the symbol of strength wise. People who associate themselves with the elephant, they are wise, balanced, calm individuals. Especially for these people and also for the admirers of animals we created this selection. You can find not only photos of the real elephants, but also the images used in numismatics, bonistic, heraldic. There are photos of various sculptures of elephants (for example, the statue of three headed elephant in Bangkok).

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