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Lion Wallpapers

From the childhood everybody knows that the lion is the king of the animals. Spreading and backing of this conviction were helping beliefs and myths of the people in Africa, where he is the symbol of the authority, greatness, supernal power, force. All these transformed into the symbol of the power of sun and fire in Europe. Besides, the lion stands as the symbol of courage, pride, nobility, gallantry, glory, justice. As for the lioness, she is the symbol of motherhood, supports lots of goddess patronesses of the heart and home.  

That’s why the lion is often the talisman (for example, Football championship of -66’ and -06’ years), emblem (Peugeot, Iran), logotype (“Metro Goldwyn Mayer”, “Man”).

For the first time the man began to draw lions on the rocks. Many of these images are saved in Africa till nowadays. Later the lions were immortalized in the statuaries, statues, iconographic art.

Psychologists say that people who compare with lions have strong spirit, purposeful, brave and fair. That’s why if you place the photo of the selection on your desktop you will open the part of your soul for people around you.

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