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Offroad cars Wallpapers

These cars have high passability. Sometimes they called crossovers (from English “crossover”, literally means “transitional type”), but these are different concepts. The real off –road vehicle is all – wheel drive car, his front and back wheels are both central.  In spoken language off – road passenger cars are called jeep.

The story of the four – wheel cars began from the military orders (Marmon - Herrington, Horch - 91, GAZ – 61, Kurogane). After the war the first army massive off – road car was released, it was GPV (manufacturer –Ford Motor), it became the father of the name “jeep”.

A variety of off –road vehicles getting down from the conveyer is very wide nowadays. This category includes such large cars as Liebherr T282B (mine dump truck), and very small ones – Chevrolet TrailBlazer.

In this selection of wallpapers we tried to collect maximum number of photos both as rare ones, models which are no more produced (for example, CJ3) as new ones (for example, English Range Rover). The collection of photos will be interesting not only for inveterate car drivers, but for those who like the high – quality cars, capable for more than just moving on smooth asphalt.

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