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Tiger Wallpapers

From the first sight you can not tell that this big animal, intrinsically just a cat. The word is taken from ancient Persian language and translates as «acute, quick». Exactly these merits, according to the words of psychologists, the admirers of big cats named the tiger have (or aspire to have).

From all the kinds of the tiger hunting is allowed only the photo hunting. That’s why its results are widely used among the printed produce (postcards/ calendars), in the motion picture industry ( for example, «Life of Pi») etc.

And we, in our turn, want to offer a proposition to decorate your desktop with the variety of wallpapers with the tiger’s image, that we have in our selection. You can find here not only the photos from the wild life, but also the frames from movies ( «Bengal Tiger», «Life of Pi», «Striped Flight»). The tigers of the cartoon have special popularity (the tigress from «Kung Fu Panda», the tigress from «Winnie the Pooh», Vitaly from «Madagascar 3» and others). As we see, even tigers from the cartoon are powerful, deft, courageous, quick.

Set the wallpaper with the tiger’s image you will see that it stimulates you to become so powerful, courageous, brave.

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Pages: 1