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Trucks Wallpapers

Trucks are the cars for the transportation of cargo. They are variation according to their sizes from the small tonnage (similar with passenger cars, cargo capacity to 1 ton) till the bigger tonnage capable to carry more than 16 tons.

You can see trucks on the wallpapers of many people. The spectrum of their variety is very wide: from pickup trucks (for example, Nissan NP300 or Mitsubishi L200) till the large trucks (for example, Volvo FH12 420).

They are not only the standard trucks, which mass production on the plants. The tuning cars are very popular. First of all, these are the painted trucks. They have a huge surface area, where you can place even aerographic pictures.  But not only pictures are giving the individuality to the cars. Very often the tuning of trucks consists in using the metallic plates on the bumper, the front part of the cab, windscreen, and spoiler and so on. 

The trucks photos, converted by using reactive motors, have the special attention. They attract not only the admirers of the cars, but also the fans of shows. During the moving after such car the tongues of the fire and the clouds of dust pull after it.

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