It’s Personal

We’ve all experienced the delight that comes from giving the perfect gift. We believe that’s what gift giving should feel like every time.

That’s why we’re intensely focused on providing you with the tools and product assortment to create gifts that reflect your unique stories and values. Whether that’s a made-from-scratch gift, an accompanying personal video to be there when you can’t be, or a custom gift page all your own.

Everything we do, every day, is built around you.

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Who We Buy From Reflects Our Values

We believe that we can impact change through commerce. That’s why we love supporting small businesses and skilled artisans. Sharing their stories and values with you is one of our greatest joys.

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Building Authentic Connections Through Gifts

Connection is a crucial part of the human experience. At Knack, our mission is to create lasting connections through shared experiences, values, and, most importantly, thoughtful and personalized gifts.

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Transcending Distance Through Technology

We’re passionate about leveraging technology to build connections between people. From Gift Builders to video messaging to private gift events, we have a solution for you.

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Leading the Research on Corporate Gifting

When you come to us for business gifts we’ll give you expert advice based on data and experience. We’ll also give you a choice of technology solutions designed for large and ongoing gifting programs without sacrificing the personalization and customer service we’re known for.